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Meet your Instructors! 

Thank you for your interest in Air Capital PPG LLC, the premier powered paragliding instruction and sales resource in the Wichita, KS and South central Kansas area.  Air Capital PPG LLC is owned and operated by Bryant Hummer, a life time aviation enthusiast.   

Since an early age growing up in West Virginia, Bryant has been consumed by the idea of flight.  He started washing dishes at age 14 to begin saving for flying lessons.  He somehow convinced his parents to let him move and work for the Experimental Aircraft Association during the summer between his Junior and Senior year of high school in exchange for flying lessons.  By age 18 in his senior year of high school, he had earned is FAA Private Pilot Certificate.  After high school he studied mechanical engineering earning a bachelors degree from West Virginia University Institute of Technology.  Bryant somehow convinced his then fiancee, Meghan to move to Wichita, KS so that he could work as an engineer for Cessna Aircraft company.

Fast forward a decade...Bryant and Meghan are the proud parents of two beautiful girls and live on a private airport property where they enjoy flying their Cessna 150.  

Bryant was bit hard by the paramotor bug and over the course of 3 years was able to log more flight time in paramotors than he has in airplanes.

...So, if you've made it this far, this is a long winded way of saying, please don't hesitate to call or send an E-mail, We are always happy to talk about flying of all kinds!   


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Born in Las Vegas, Nevada, into a family of professional wrestlers, Leo has always had an appetite for adventure. 
Working as a street artist in his early teens, Leo pursued broadcasting as a career in the mid 90’s.
Working in both radio and television he made a name for himself in the Las Vegas Valley. 
Looking for new opportunities Leo started traveling for ESPN as a camera man in early ‘02 and landed in Kansas a few years later. 
After several years in Wichita television, Leo took a leap into the world of Special Effects in 2011 and began working in the Haunt and film industry. Leo continues to make his living as a sculptor, painter and professional artist today. 

In 2018, while browsing for adventure, Leo watched a YouTube video on powered Paragliding and never looked back. 
After searching the Wichita area for a PPG instructor, to no avail, he put the idea on a shelf. 
Then in late 2019, one of Leo’s coworkers posted on Facebook about paramotors in Wichita. 
Thrilled, he followed the trail back to AirCapital PPG. 
After meeting with Bryant and checking out the equipment, Leo started training February 2020! After a thrilling summer of Kiting and ground school, Leo’s first flight was August 23rd of that same year. 
Leo has become very enthusiastic and safety conscious about all aspects of the sport. 
“I would have to say first flights are my favorite!! Watching someone go from first day of kiting to their first time in the air is truly special!”
With a fondness for people and a love for flying, Leo is always learning and striving for excellence, through experience and commitment, at AirCapital PPG.

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Originally from Wichita, Chris grew up with an aviation family where he learned to develop a love for all things aviation. After high school, he joined active duty military until he joined the National Guard and moved back to the Wichita area. He became interested in PPG in 2019 and after soloing his passion really took flight. Chris continues to enjoy flying cross country, and flying along with other members of AC PPG. Chris works with students on the ground, helping to master their kiting skills. 

Pics coming soon!

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