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Kangook paramotors are by far the most modular paramotors on the market.  With frames exclusively manufactured in North America, kangook offers multiple cage diameters, multiple harnesses , swing arms, and cage styles.

The all new Kangook Amaruk, introduced in the spring of 2021 has set the bar on ergonomics, torque compensation, and weight shift authority.  The 140cm cage diameter is perfect for pilots of all sizes an statures. 

The Kangook Phoenix K2 was introduced in 2020 and sports a modern frame geometry, cnc spars,  and is available in both 132cm and 146cm cage diameters.

The Kangook Classic is the only Kangook model that sports a double hoop completely protecting the propeller.  This is an excellent configuration for schools, beginners, trikes, and those that prefer a clutchless motor.

The Kangook Vikking (with two K's) is the most affordable Kangook offering....but trust me, don't mistake value for less performance!

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

The Kangook Basik comes in two models, the standard and the komfort.  The standard is an independent airframe allowing the quick attachment of a foot launch paramotor.  The komfort is a dedicated trike which incorporates roll bars for additional safety and stability.

Like the Basik, the Kangook KX-1 comes in more than one model but sports a larger more robust airframe.  The standard KX-1 allows the attachment of any foot launch Kangook paramotor while the komfort option adds rollbard for additional safety and rigidity.  The KX-1 is also available in a tandem configurationn for those operating under a FAR 103 exemption.  

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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