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Miniplane Paramotors based out of Italy excels in small light weight frames.  Miniplane offers 3 frames which are paired with their unique and reliable Top 80 engine, and 2 other frames that paried with the industry standard vittorazi moster 185..

The Miniplane Classic frame is a fully welded aluminum frame with fiberglass hoop.  It is available with PSF arms (42lbs), also known as J-bars as well as the ABM (44lbs) configuration sporting tubular swing arms. 

The new Miniplane Cateye frame sports a removable foot section and has a slightly narrower profile.  It too is available with the PSF and ABM attach options.

The Miniplane Rigid Cage's airfoiled aluminum hoop is 150cm in diameter.  This allows the use of propellers up to 140cm in diameter!  Using a bigger prop allows for increased thrust and therefore lower fuel consumption, all while being more quiet!  Medium or larger harness options are available.

The Miniplane Moster utilizes the Vittorazi Moster 185 Plus, one of the most popular engines on the market.  Pairing the Miniplane Classic frame with ABM swing arms and the power of the moster 185 Plus, this is a great option for larger piltots.  This combination weighs only 53lbs!

The Miniplane Moster rigid cage combines all of the benefits of the regular rigid cage and the moster 185 plus engine.

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