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Parajet is a very popular brand based out of the United Kingdom.  They offer fully welded titanium frames sparing no attention detail.  Utilizing the industry standard Vittorazi engines, parajet never disappoints!   

The Parajet Maverick sports a simple, strong, lightweight titanium airframe. Well-formed, conversation starting good looks. Add the choice of reliable, fuss-free Vittorazi engines and the distant horizon is yours to explore.

Add another distinctive edge with the Parajet Maverick sport package!  The sport package incudes a carbon fiber cooling shroud for the moster 185, a 125cm e-Prop, a multi function travel case, and accessory pack.  These enhancements will improve the performance and life of your Maverick whether it’s being transported, stored or flown.

The Parajet Zenith is instantly recognizable as a Parajet.  The Zenith is a unique singular design statement that has been engineered for adventure. A truly innovative, go-anywhere paramotor that enables you to fly without limits, and experience a feeling of total freedom. When the urge to break out of your daily routine becomes irresistible, the Zenith paramotor is ready to take you wherever you want to go

The Parajet Volution 3 is unmistakably of the Parajet Volution lineage, but stronger, broader and more muscular than ever.  With the thrust of the Thor 250, the Volution 3 is designed to empower the heaviest of pilots and provide a new level of freedom.  For pilots who have difficulty running, the Volution 3 can be paired with our Falco trike to provide mobility beyond expectation.

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